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Hi. My name is Christine Roy. I have 25 years experience in the natural health and esthetic fields. I graduated with honors from the International Academy of Natural Health Sciences, Gina's School of Aesthetics , and The Dominion Herbal College .




My qualifications include:




Natural Health Counselor

Certified in Iridology, Nutrition and Reflexology

Chartered Herbalist

Esthetician & Advanced Beauty Therapist

I am a Certified Foot Reflexologist & Certified Member of the Ontario College of Reflexology with over 25 years experience.

Be aware Reflexology is not regulated by the government in Canada therefore a person that takes a weekend course can say they are certified.  Always inquire about training and experience.  My reflexology training included over 300 hours.  

This allows for clients to use claim Reflexology on their health insurance.

I am originally from Sault Ste Marie. After graduating I moved to Windsor, Ontario. There I opened my business and practiced for 5 years. I had always wanted to move home and was delighted to be able to open my practice here in June 2008. I am happy to say I have been welcomed by the community. I am enjoying improving the health of this wonderful town.







Photo credit goes to Jeff Dixon.






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