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Hi. My name is Christine Roy. I have 24 years experience in the natural health and esthetic fields. I graduated with honors from the International Academy of Natural Health Sciences, Gina's School of Aesthetics , and The Dominion Herbal College .

My qualifications include:

Natural Health Counselor

Certified in Iridology, Nutrition and Reflexology

Chartered Herbalist

Esthetician & Advanced Beauty Therapist

I am a Certified Foot Reflexologist & Member of the Ontario College of Reflexology.

This allows for clients to use claim Reflexology on their health insurance.

I am originally from Sault Ste Marie. After graduating I moved to Windsor, Ontario. There I opened my business and practiced for 5 years. I had always wanted to move home and was delighted to be able to open my practice here in June 2008. I am happy to say I have been welcomed by the community. I am enjoying improving the health of this wonderful town.

Photo credit goes to Jeff Dixon.

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