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How do I book an appointment?

Each appointment is customized to your needs.

Please call 705-256-9622 or message through either of these links.


Iridology is a full body scan. Studies eyes to determine organ & tissue conditions, stress & mucus levels,

 vitamin & mineral lev​els,

elimination organ function, and overall health picture.

Iridology can show weakness in the body even before symptoms appear.  130 years of scientific background prove its effectiveness.

Sessions are customized to individuals needs. 

Optimal diet plans,

weight loss, sports nutrition,

vegetarian counseling, proper food combining, improvement of digestion, detoxification diet plan, cholesterol reduction,

blood sugar regulation, hormone balancing, arthritic diet plans, etc.

Relax & soak in a tranquil spa atmosphere in a specialized foot bath exclusively at

Healing Holistics.

>Improve Energy

>Decrease Stress

>Purge Heavy Metals

>Reduce Pain & Swelling

>Boost Metabolism

>Increase Memory

>Enhance Immune System

>Improve Sleep

>Cleanse liver, kidneys,

and parasites.


Therapeutic foot or

hand massage.

>Improves Circulation

>Increases Energy

>Reduces Pain & Inflammation


>Reduces Stress

>Balances Organ Function

>Boosts Immunity

>Improves your Overall Health and Vitality! 

Session combines

aromatherapy inhalation, lymphatic drainage massage, & reflexology.

>Relieves pain & pressure

in the sinuses.

>Reduces Congestion

>Can Relieve Headaches


Effective for short or long term sinus congestion.

Skin brushing with dry body brush & nourishing 

relaxation massage.

>Stimulates Circulation

>Removes Cellulite

>Cleanses Lymphatic System

>Exfoliates Skin

>Tones Muscles

>Tightens Skin


Browse full listing of absorbable quality brands. 

I am hear to help figure out which products would work for you best.

I can use my 21 years experience to make you a customized program.

Ship directly to your home!  Wonderful Return Policy!

Accepting all major credit cards, Apple or Google pay!

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