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Sinus Relief Treatments
Exclusively at Healing Holistics

Do you suffer from chronic sinus pain and pressure? 

This session is for you!

What happens in a session?

Session combines aromatherapy inhalation, lymphatic drainage massage of the face, neck and shoulders, & reflexology of the feet on the respiratory and sinus reflexes.


>Relieves pain & pressure in the sinuses.

>Reduces Congestion

>Can Relieve Headaches

Aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage massage and reflexology are safe, natural, and effective solutions for sinus relief.  They promote the drainage of excess fluid and waste, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system.  Which can help to relieve pressure and congestion in the sinuses.  There are several pressure points around your face where sinus pressure tends to build up. Massaging these areas can help relieve some of your symptoms.  

There are 4 treatment options
Sinus Relief Treatment  $55 plus hst

Add 20 mins Reflexology for $33.50 plus hst

Add Detox Foot Spa for $66.37 plus hst

A detox spa itself reduces sinus congestion. 

Combined with this treatment it's amazing.

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